Nehru Planetarium was commissioned on 3rd March, 1977 with the objective of creating a center for scientific study in astronomy where various scientists and scholars would meet periodically for discussions and lectures on various astronomical topics.

The Planetarium is one of the department of Nehru Centre ,  located at Worli, Mumbai.

This site is for the purpose of outreach and information
sharing with the visitors, audience and to spread awareness about Astronomy and other activities.

The latest updates on the planetarium shows, show timing, ticketing, etc. are available at the official site of the planetarium.  Click here to navigate to the site .

For the forthcoming events please click on the calendar on the menu bar above.

Planetarium shows:
Since its inception the planetarium has kept in pace with the latest technological advanced in production of planetarium shows.
For more information <click here>

Public lectures:
From time to time we invite eminent scientists and astronomers to deliver public talks.For forthcoming lectures: click here for the calendar link

For more information <click here>

Planetarium Exhibits:
The planetarium has a rich collection of exhibits that has been developed over the years. These are in the form of 3D models, murals and information charts.

Sky Shows:
The planetarium conducts a free sky  show on all Sundays <except during the monsoon period and if the sky is cloudy>.  This show is free of charge with no prior appointment is needed.  However, in case of cloudy sky visitors are advised to call (022) 24920510 for confirmation.

For more information <click here>

For School children:
Keeping in tune with ‘Catch m’ young’ the planetarium has many activities for the secondary and higher secondary students.  These are conducted all round the year but more specifically when the school have holidays.   These activities are not confined to astronomy alone but cover wide spectrum of scientific disciplines – physics, chemistry, biology, environment science etc.
For more information <click here>

Science Laboratory for School Students:
Nehru Planetarium has a new laboratory facility for the school students 8th to 10th , where the students can get hands on experience in doing the practical exercises given in their text books. For more < click here>

Amateur Activity:
Like any other planetarium across the world, Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai supports amateur astronomers activities – such as special sessions for dedicated amateur astronomers, amateur telescope making, making available monthly sky charts etc.

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